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Lily Boyer’s coaching helped me to focus on my areas of strength, and where my personal qualities, work experience and professional interests would be best directed. She helps you think through who you are as a person, as well as a worker. Through a structured conversation, she supported me in the creation of a list of actionable, short to medium-term goals, while regular appointments helped to keep me "on task." I began to try new approaches and to become more conversant with the wealth of IT tools out there. Since undertaking coaching with Lily, I have had more and higher-value consulting work come in, and my vision for building the second half of my career has taken shape.

- Delia P., Writer, editor and communication consultant

My time with Lily was very rewarding because it gave me a 10,000 feet view of my career. It was easier by default to make decisions that made immediate impact, instead of evaluating whether these actions made sense in the long term. She helped me answer the questions I had not asked myself to discover my short and long term goals. Lastly, she kept me accountable and focused while maintaining a supportive environment. I would recommend her to both people who are lost or uncertain in their current jobs as well as those that are looking to make next steps in their careers.

- Caitlin K., Marketing Analyst

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